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DECEMBER 2015 VOL 70, NO. 12 PHOENIX - Farnsworth Wholesale Company, a leader in the Arizona plumbing supply industry, has opened a new location in Phoenix. The new store is located at 3830 E Wier Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85040. Farnsworth Wholesale Company is a complete source for plumb- ing supplies, HVAC, waterworks and appliances. The new location is a sprawling 155,000-square-foot facil- ity fully stocked with high-quality plumbing products and a knowledgeable sales team. This new location will allow Farnsworth Whole- sale Company to serve customers across the Val- ley with unprecedented service and help fuel the company's growth in the years to come. In addition, this facility will allow the plumbing supply company to better service locations outside of the Phoenix Metro area with a wide breadth of products and daily material replenishment. Farnsworth Wholesale has been serving valley residents and contractors since 1994. They have built their reputation on quality and service and will con- tinue to leverage their strong relationships in the in- dustry to provide customers with the best value and products. Farnsworth Wholesale carries complete lines of plumbing fittings, pumps, tanks, and valves in addition to plastic fittings, including Polyethylene, ABS, PVC and CPVC. Visit www.fwcaz.com. HONOREE OF THE YEAR New location for Farnsworth Wholesale in Phoenix News of Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Industrial PVF the Chairman Bob Carnevale and Bradford White Corporation embody the American Dream. Since Car- nevale led an ESOT purchase of the water heater manufacturer two decades ago, they have rebuilt the brand based on core values of selling to the wholesale channel only, a commitment to U.S. manu- facturing, a customer-centric culture and active industry involvement. Read much more about our Honoree of the Year in an interview with key leadership, beginning on page 26. FIND US twitter.com/wholesalermag facebook.com/wholesalermag

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