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ST. HELIER, UK - Ferguson's parent company, Wolseley plc, reported sales of 14.4 billion for the fiscal year ending July 2016. At the current exchange rate, that equates to $18.8 billion. While two-thirds of the top-line can be traced to the U.S., this stream of revenue produces more than 80 percent of the prof- its. The U.S. sales are roughly $12 billion. While the HARDI TRENDS annual sales growth has been in the 6 percent to 7 per- cent range, Ferguson's diverse sales base, as measured by its quarterly sales growth performance, has been growing at a more gradual pace. Still, Ferguson's 2015 deep- dive presentation into the U.S. operations indicates that its HVAC operations are gen- erating about $1 billion of sales (7 percent of $12 billion plus some allocation from its blended branches). Analyzing Wolseley's revenue growth gen- erated by various regions of the country during its fiscal year ending July 2016, the segment including HVAC is the clear perfor- mance leader with an 11.7 percent increase, and apparently HVAC was a key driver for that double-digit gain. (Turn to Ferguson, page 32.) WHOLESALER CHAMPIONS News of Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Industrial PVF the What's the Stanley Cup doing at BellSimons Companies? See page 20! (Front l-r): Steve Bonino, Nick Bonino, Brian Boland. (Back l-r): Floran Boland, Jose Colon, Steve Ambrose, Jeremy O'Keefe, Jack Boland, Rob Costanzo, Dave Caley, Mark Roulston, Paul Kokoszka, Dave Boudreau, Oral Brown, Evan Ezold, Bill Stanwicks. FIND US twitter.com/wholesalermag facebook.com/wholesalermag NOVEMBER 2016 VOL 71, NO. 11 HVAC sales and e-commerce driving results at Ferguson

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