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WE WANT YOUR BRASS BACK HERE! Learn More About Our Engineered Products visit: www.chaseengineeredproducts.com ph: 800-537-4291 email: chasesales@chasebrass.com MADE IN THE USA Chase Brass and Copper Company, LLC, 2017 ECO BRASS is a trademark of Chase Brass and Copper Company, LLC WE FORGE IT, YOU MACHINE IT! If you're looking for quality, then choose American-made plumbing parts producers who use American-made ECO BRASS near-net shape engineered forgings from Chase Brass and Copper. ECO BRASS engineered parts provide part fabricators with a super alloy specifically produced for applications requiring exceptional strength and corrosion resistance. ENGINEERED PRODUCTS MADE IN AMERICA U.S. LEAD-FREE FORGINGS MADE WITH ECO BRASS FROM CHASE BRASS ENGINEERED PRODUCTS.

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