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News of Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Industrial PVF Developed to enhance the focus on HVAC operations once under the Morrison Supply umbrella, MORSCO announced the launch of MORSCO HVAC Supply. The new MORSCO HVAC Sup- ply brand will open its first branch in the Houston area at 12315 Parc Crest Drive, Bldg. 2, Ste. 190, Staf- ford, Texas, on April 23. MORSCO's HVAC operations have been primarily based in the Morrison Supply branches, but with the launch of the new brand, MORSCO HVAC Supply will offer HVAC customers enhanced ser- vice, more locations and more local expertise. "We're better concentrating our efforts on growing our HVAC business by launching a focused MORSCO HVAC Supply brand," said Jim Mishler, presi- dent, MORSCO HVAC Supply. "Our goal is to get custom- ers the HVAC inventory they need when they need it by building a network of branches with local, dedicated experts who can offer a superior level of support and expertise." MORSCO HVAC Supply will open several additional branches across Texas and the Western U.S. in 2018. "We brought in Jim Mishler at the end of 2017 specifically to grow MORSCO's HVAC operations," said Chip Hornsby, MORSCO CEO. "Jim's expertise and leadership is already guiding MORSCO HVAC Supply to become a significant player in the U.S. market. We are committed to this expansion and are eager to offer our local HVAC customers unmatched levels of sup- port and service." Joining Mishler in leading the MORSCO HVAC Supply expan- sion will be: MORSCO Launches HVAC Supply Brand Each year, The Wholesaler magazine bestows the PVF Hall of Fame Award to an individual who has vision, focus, passion, and is an outstanding leader in the field. This year, we selected Dov Matz, Matco-Norca, who personifies excellence in both business and his personal life. Read the full story on page 24. MAY 2018 VOL 73, NO. 5 (Turn to page 4) FIND US twitter.com/wholesalermag facebook.com/wholesalermag Dov Matz Earns 2018 PVF Hall of Fame Award

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