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To Learn More and Obtain a List of Eco Brass Plumbing Manufacturers, Visit www.ECOBRASS-USA.com MADE IN THE USA When you want your plumbing project to be trouble free, ask for the Make sure you know what's in your parts. Installing lead free, corrosion resistant ECO BRASS valves and fittings provides your customers with the quality and durability they demand in today's competitive marketplace. Eco Brass products are available in PEX fittings, stop valves, ball valves, commercial faucets, residential faucets and many more applications. Chase Brass and Copper Company, LLC, 2014 ECO BRASS is a trademark of Chase Brass and Copper Company, LLC NO Arsenic, NO Bismuth, NO Lead, NO Worries! Scan to find out more about Eco Brass for the be trouble free, ask

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