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LAKE CITY, ARK. - Winsupply Inc., has opened Winwater of Northeast Arkansas, serving wa- terworks contractors throughout the northeast part of the state. The company is located just east of Jonesboro in Lake City. Tony Robinson is the president of the new company. He leads a team of four who have 25 combined years of experience in the wa- terworks industry. Tony and his team formerly were part of Little Rock Winwater and had been operating in Lake City as a satellite location. The two companies now operate separately, but are both part of Winsupply Inc. "Tony is an experienced business owner with years of experience in waterworks products and has established customer relationships in the northeast part of Arkansas," said Roland Gordon, president and CEO of Winsupply Inc. "Tony took advantage of what we call the 'Spirit of Opportunity' at Winsupply in which we share ownership in the company. He can now work with his customers in an owner-to-owner rela- tionship with local decision-making authority." There now are some 580 Winsupply locations across the U.S. serving the residential and com- mercial construction and industrial markets with supplies and materials. Visit www.winsupplyinc.com GIVING BACK Winsupply opens Winwater of Northeast Arkansas News of Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Industrial PVF the ACR Supply celebrates 40 years in business while never forgetting its roots. Giving back to not only its employees but also its community is a cornerstone of their faith-based work. Above, ACR Supply President Troy Meachum (left) on a vision trip to Burkina Faso in West Africa is visiting with Pastor Felix to discuss how to better help orphaned children in the region. Learn more about ACR 's philanthropic efforts and the company on page 44. APRIL 2017 VOL 72, NO. 4 FIND US twitter.com/wholesalermag facebook.com/wholesalermag

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