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JANUARY 2016 VOL 71, NO. 1 SUGAR LAND, TEXAS - Prime Piping Products, a division of Unique Valve and Instru- mentation, opened its doors as a master distributor in April 2015 with a complete inventory of carbon steel weld fittings, flanges, forged steel fittings and outlets - and markets solely to sup- ply houses. The company said its mission is "To supply the highest quality engineered products to the Energy and Industrial marketplace." With global sourcing re- lationships, Prime Piping Products ia able to provide high-quality industrial com- ponents at attractive prices to supply houses. (Turn to There's a ... page 32) CENTRAL TO SUCCESS Prime Piping Products emerges as industrial PVF master distributor News of Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Industrial PVF the Brothers Howard Frankel (left) and Warren Frankel have spent their careers at Central Plumbing Specialties. They have led the New York-based wholesaling busi- ness through tremendous growth, and created the Grande Central Showroom con- cept. They are pictured at the entrance of their newly renovated and expanded Grande Central Showroom on Bond Street in Manhattan. Please turn to page 66 to read more about the company and the Frankels' approach to business. FIND US twitter.com/wholesalermag facebook.com/wholesalermag

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